Journal papers
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Conference papers
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    PDF | DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-88351-7_16
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Workshop papers
  • Jesse Zaman, Ellie D'Hondt, Elisa Gonzalez Boix, Eline Philips, Kennedy Kambona and Wolfgang De Meuter. A Citizen-Friendly Participatory Campaign Support. Workshop proceedings of the 12th Annual IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom), 2014 IEEE 12th Annual. IEEE, 2014.
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Press coverage
  • Francisco Aurélio Chaves Brito. Mapa de Ruído Colaborativo e Coletivo de FORTALEZA. POLUIÇÃO SONORA NA CIDADE DE FORTALEZA, Sept 27, 2015.
    Web article
  • Elizabeth Rust. Map some noise: How your smartphone can help tackle city sound pollution. The Guardian (Online), Sept. 2014.
    Web article
  • Article in Co.Exist by Ben Schiller: With NoiseTube, Citizens Can Now Map Noise Pollution In Their Cities. Co.Exist, Jun. 2014.
    Web article | PDF
  • Mention in De Volksrant: Een onderzoeker in ieders broekzak (A Researcher in Everybody's Pocket). De Volksrant, Jul. 2013.
    Web article | PDF
  • Debate about green ICT and ICT for green organised by Belgacom, with article summary: Can ICT save the planet?. Belgacom One magazine, 204(2734), Oct. 2011, p.28-32.
    Web article | PDF
  • NoiseTube was an essential component of CityBeat : Embody and communicate the heartbeats of Helsinki, Lisbon, Riga and London. Co-produced by the Finnish Bioart Society and the European Public Art Centre (EPAC). Helsinki, Finland, Aug. 26 - Sept. 30 2011.
  • Item on NoiseTube, with interview and video shoot at the BrusSense lab, for Neues: TV show for digital lifestyle. Show theme: Online-Crowd: Zusammen sind wir klüger. Broadcast by 3sat (public channel for Germany, Switzerland and Austria), Apr. 10 2011. Rebroadcast by Deutsche Welle TV (Germans worldwide channel).
    <Video (MP4)>
  • Item on NoiseTube, with interview and video shoot at the BrusSense lab, for Nano: TV science magazine . Mit dem Handy gegen Lärm und Schmutz . Broadcast by 3sat (public channel for Germany, Switzerland and Austria), Apr. 8 2011. Rebroadcast by Deutsche Welle TV (Germans worldwide channel).
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    Print article | Web article (PDF)
  • Television interview with Nicolas Maisonneuve in the Télématin show on France 2 , Mar 11, 2010.
    PDF | Video (MP4)
  • Belga (Belgian news agency). Quand le téléphone traque le bruit. Short news report based the article in Le Soir (see below), published on Nov 27-28, 2009 by several Belgian media:
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    Print article | Web article (PDF)
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    Audio (MP3)
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    Print article | Web article
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    Web article
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    Abstract | Poster
  • Nicolas Maisonneuve, Matthias Stevens and Bartek Ochab. NoiseTube: Citizen Noise Pollution Monitoring. Displayed at the Sony CSL Paris Open House 2009, Paris, France, Oct 8-9, 2009.